Family Portraiture

“FAMILY like BRANCHES on a TREE, we may GROW in different direction, yet our ROOTS remain as ONE”

Family is the most important part of everyone’s life. What i like about keeping a collection of our family photographs is because it captured and preserved a stories of our families that gone forever and impossible to reproduce. If you are looking for exceptional family photography services in Penang, then come directly to us. At Steven Yam Photography, we are providing the best family portrait photography services in Penang.

Our experienced photographers will make every family members feel comfortable, confident and able to bring out their true self, while we capturing the best family photographs that you may cherish for long long time.

We provide our client 3 different way to have their family photographs captured.

1st, We will be capturing the family portrait photos in a outdoor garden/park.

2nd, We can arrange a short vacation trip and our professional photographer will tag along and capture the true emotion of you and your family members while they are having fun, example one day trip to Zoo.

3rd, We can arrange our photographer to client house to have the family portraiture session taken, this is suitable for those who have family members which not convenient to walk.

For any further information or request of consultation please feel free to contact us anytime for availing the best family photography services in Penang.