Celebrate Ernie & Yoke Wedding Actual Day Photography

Celebrate Ernie & Yoke Wedding Actual Day Photography

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 by Admin

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Celebrate Ernie & Yoke Wedding Actual Day Photography

"Life is not about how many Breath you take, but by the Moments that take your Breath away"

 I love Wedding days photography assignment. If you ask me which part of a wedding is your favorite, the answer from me will be the Ceremony, because on every wedding ceremony there will be lot's of special emotions and also precious moments. Especially like me living in Malaysia, i had the opportunity to experience difference cultural wedding, due to Malaysia multi cultural Race & Religion.  As a wedding photographer,  i like to get involve in my clients wedding and help them preserved their most beautiful moments that happened on that day.

Ernie & Yoke are one of my partners dance class students, Both of them started to have passion in dance since around 10 years ago. Creating lots of memories together in dance from various of performances to competitions. One day, my partner came to me and told me his student Ernie & Yoke wanna hire us to cover their wedding for them, and their wedding date will be around mid of January 2016.

On their wedding day, this is the first time we able to see many funny and cute pregnant groomsmen actively moving around completing the gate crushing games. Surrounding by all the bridesmaids and groomsmen celebrating their big day with joy and laughter. Besides, Ernie also appear to be the first "Hakka Rapping" Groom i had seen .....haha....The way he used his special talent to Rap his husband promise list to win Yoke heart is so sweet and funny.

I really can't wait to share all the fun moments we capture with everyone. If anyone wish to get yourself involve in this special atmosphere there are an "Our Wedding Day" Director Cut Cinematic Film at the bottom of this page done my by Partner/ Art Director of Knotty Studio - Albert Chuah

Wedding Day Photo by : Steven Yam

Wedding Cinematography by : Knotty Studio - (Director Cut - Albert Chuah)




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